Welcome to the Watershed Science Research Group

We are fascinated by WATER, as the flow of water plays such a dominant role in shaping the Earth’s surface and sustaining life on our planet.

But our fascination is also driven by concern.  Few of the world’s river systems remain free of human impact (see here). Our vital need for freshwater – for drinking water, agriculture, hydropower, and industrial use – has in many places put us in conflict with ecosystem needs for water.  Because we also depend on healthy ecosystems to provide us with the ecological goods and services that sustain our communities – this conflict is cause for concern.

Effectively managing the balance between societal and ecological needs for freshwater is one of humanity’s most pressing challenges.

Effective management requires knowledge.

This is where we come in. By improving our understanding of the flow of water and its interactions with physical (geomorphic) and biological (ecologic) processes we aim to contribute scientific knowledge for more effective freshwater management.

As I write this, a small group of dedicated young researchers are hard at work seeking to improve our understanding of the hydrology of permafrost environments, searching for better ways of mapping the soils through which water flows, and deciphering the impacts of urbanization and climate change on freshwater ecosystems.

Through this website and blog we will share our important discoveries and provide you with an insightful resource into all that is related to the flow of this most precious resource.

Best regards,

Jan Franssen, PhD
Principal investigator
Watershed Science Research Group